Can a water softener make your drains smell bad?

Since having a softener installed a couple of weeks ago I have noticed a bad smell from the sink drain pipes. – is this a coincidence?
3 Responses to “Can a water softener make your drains smell bad?”
  1. Ethen Goodenough Said:

    Yes my friend, Water softeners are oily and when the perfume has gone, you are left with a gloopy mess. ( just have a look at the state of your softener drawer) The enzymes react with stale water, and you are left with a foul smell down your drain. Might I suggest you use Lenor, instead of Comfort, as it uses less oil, and leaves less residue than Comfort, and any cheap brands of softener.

    Sorry, I didn’t read your question properly, and have blabbed on about something totally different. (silly me) I don’t have a water softening system, so I won’t add any more!!!!

  2. Kian Rawlinson Said:

    Most sewer smells from drains come from a problem with the trap not being filled with water (trap being the U shaped pipe under the sink) if the trap is not filled with water sewer gas will make it’s way into the room. Check for leaks under the sink

  3. Breanna Barrow Said:

    I don’t think so. I just put baking soda and vinegar down them once in a while to get rid of smelly drains.

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